Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time is Gone

Where does the time go? I have not updated my blog in awhile and I know that there has been much that has changed. Well not really....I am still single, I still work, and I still go to school. So really life is the same as it has always been. However, it has all been a new experience in UT. Still not sure how I feel about UT. It is cold and wet; but the mountains are gorgeous and I am slowly but surely making a life for myself here.
As for updates I went to San Francisco with 2 of my dearest friends for my 30th birthday. And as luck would have it I have a ton of pictures. So here are just a few.
Amber, Me, & Heather enjoying the sites of San Fran
I am terrified of being out on open water.
Amber and I
My Birthday Cake (Alethia gave me the idea for it.)

I am too cute for jail. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Hello to all. So it is the eve of my 30th Birthday and I have spent most of the day rummaging through memories. Man life has been one crazy ride after another. But I wouldn't change it. Don't get me wrong there are parts I wish to delete or skip past but the end of the story is still untold and I am excited to see how it turns out.
I am truly blessed and many of you know the reasons and how. I can not express enough love, thanks, and appreciation to my family, friends, and Savior for helping me along this journey. Especially to my parents who despite my best efforts at stubbornness and even stupidity have stuck in there with me. They are truly an inspiration and my heroes. Both of them.
As this next chapter of life begins I look forward to the road ahead. I can not dwell on the past anymore life is in front of me. So if you see me looking back turn my head around and tell me to get a move on. There are things yet to be done and to come.
Love you all,
Carla Breann

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Latest and Greatest

I have just returned from a whirlwind few weeks. Between Oklahoma, Arizona, and Utah I am just plain tuckered out. However I have finally landed in a new place in Cottonwood Heights, UT and have a job. YEAH!!! My own space and money to support my ever growing school habit. LOL
There is not much to tell beyond that. I went to my cousin Kirsten's wedding and it was wonderful. I have such a loving family. Even though events tend to undo us sometimes we always seem to pull it off and make it look easy.
I have a few pics to add but alas I am using a computer that is not my own and so they will have to wait for another day.
Question of the Day: What happens to all our old appliances???? Do they get recycled or just thrown away? Waste of a landfill if they are just thrown away. :(

Loves to all.... BB

Monday, July 6, 2009

Oklahoma Adventure

There are not pictures on this post because I do not have them as of yet. Forgot my camera in AZ and so I had to rely on others to take pics and it may take me a few days to get them. But I will regale you all with the adventures of Oklahoma which according to my brother-in-law Sam I am a true Oklahomian and mother.
OK is one humid state and needless to say my hair drove me nuts the whole time but beyond that it was great weather. That is until the Tornado. All week I had been watching the kids (Isaac, Emarie, & Olivia) during the day and Sam would come home after work and take over dad duties. Well on the Friday night of that week he went out to the YW camp as one of the priesthood brethern. AND OF COURSE there would be weather issues that night. The electricity went off just as I turned the TV to the weather channel to see why there was so much rain and wind. There was a Tornado advisory and then all went out. Thank goodness for cell phones so I could call my mother and find out what was going on. Needless to say whilst I was calling her I went to the front room of Ella's house and looked out the window to nasty thunder and lightning....AND a siren going off. I can not express how scared I was. Here I am with three children in the middle of an emergency and I have no idea how to handle it. Thank goodness for mothers who pick up their phones and calm us down in these situations. Luckily the tornado was 15 miles away which does not seem far away but apparently in tornado terms it is. I made my brother-in-law Joe come over and stay with me for a bit to calm down.
That is one of the many stories of Oklahoma. There will be more to follow as pictures are found and able to post. Along with the updates of what I am doing in the next few weeks in regards to moving, etc. Loves to all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Season of change :)

Yes it is a new haircut and I am loving it. No tears where shed but there was a fear of cutting it so short. But alas Heidi knows what she is doing.
Ah the sweet relaxation of no job and full-time school. Ok so it is not really relaxing and if any of you know me I am not much for relaxing. However, I did take a trip to Utah and visited my fabulous friend Leslie and her family. Have to admit they are one of my favorite families that I am not immediately related to.

As school goes I have just started my last set of classes to finish my associates. YEAH 10 years in the making but I did finally decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I want to work in public service whether it is in non-profit or in humanitarian projects. But alas first things first I must finish school. It is different not working and really not having much of a schedule but I am getting used to it and am grateful to get the better grades.

Life is full of decisions and as time passes there seem to be more and more decisions. I as usual am in process of making decisions and am ready to plant my feet firmly in the ground and set in some roots. Even if it is by myself. It is time that I make those changes in my life that will help me create a home for myself. So it is with things of change walking into the dark to find the light at the end. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taboo of Politics

Yes I know this post seems to be a bit odd and perhaps it is more for my venting purposes than anything else. You may beleive what you will but for the love of all stand up for that belief and repsect the belief of others.
I was recently reading an article in a well known publication regarding the CPAC in DC. It is a conference of conservative voters and politicians discuss where the party is going and what they want to accomplish. The article I think was well written HOWEVER the comments made by people after were annoying and kind of ridiculous.
They were bashing each party for the other and really do they understand each other??? I don't believe so. I don't know why it enraged me to read these posts but I think it is because I am so tired of the fighting. We are not all going to come to a consensus but can we find a common ground?
In the current economic and political state of our country I wish people understood the power that they have to change things. We should not be sitting on our tails waiting for a bailout from the goverment. If you have two good hands and feet you can help another person and help build this country up. This country was founded on principles of work and community building. The founding fathers fought for something bigger than themselves and what their situation was. If Lincoln just sat around waiting would the civil war every been resolved.
OK I am slowly stepping away from the soap box. :) Again this is mainly for venting purposes and honestly wanting to know what people think. So please feel free to post a comment and let me know. I will not be offended if you disagree with me... beauty of free agency is that you can think for yourself. :) :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hello to Everyone,
This is going to be probably a long post because there is much to catch up on.
So first things first:
I have a new Nephew Kael Bryant Birdno. He was a month early but is perfectly healthy and Crystal is doing great as well. So excited for the new arrival and kinda sad that they live so far away.
One of my bestest friends turned the big 30 this month. Ms. Sarah Peterson Doster is now 30 and I am not sure if she is loving it. But heck she looks great and happy... really that is what matters. She is a rockstar. We have been friends since we were 12 and were like David and Goliath. Mainly because I was 4'10" and she was 5'10". She is always so supportive of me even when she has a busy life with 3 kids, one on the way and a husband. Anyway she is a rock and I love her to death and am so grateful we are friends and her Grandmother thought to make us hang out. LOL
I am currently doing full-time school & work. Yes I think I have taken a few crazy pills but it is what needs to be done. Lets just pray that I survive. But things are going well with it all. And I just moved to Chandler. Yes I left Mesa and have moved further south. LOL It is going really good and I get to ride my bike to work everyday. (while it is still under 100)

I am adding pictures of my friends and what I have been up to lately.

Heather, Me, & Amber
Me & Dan (no I am not dating him. LOL)

New Years 2009 Masquerade Ball
Amber, Me, Jessika

My friend Katie's birthday party
Me, Katie, & Carla
So pretty much those are the updates. Not promising to be better at the posts but I will try. :) Love you all!!!