Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Time

Time for vacation, celebrations, and lots of fun. It has been a fun filled summer thus far and is yet to be finished.
Over the 4th of July I went up with some of my friends to Heber to a cabin for the weekend. It was so much fun and fabulous weather. I forget how much I do like it up there. Here are some pics from that weekend. (and yes we are all adults but sometimes it is nice to be kid like.)

Randy, Nathan, Camilla, me, Sarah, Rich, Cami, Becca, Colleen
We were all upstairs playing games.

Waiting for the fireworks to start

The cheerleader in me came out again. ;)

Bottom: Sarah, Randy, Nathan, Sam

Second: Paul, Becca, Camilla,

Top: Kevin (helping me up) & Charrise

This picture is not from the 4th but from a service project I did with my friend Jessica. We went to camp Wamatochick and helped get it ready for the summer campers. I was in charge of the kitchen and needless to say I now have some kitchen skills.

The summer is not over. There is the Snowflake Pioneer Day celebration coming up, traveling to Iowa & Illinois to see my family and Navuoo. There is so much fun to be had and I look forward to all of it.