Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Practice Girlfriend

I don't know about anybody else but for me it seems that there are "practice relationships." These are all too prevalent currently.

Many may ask what a "practice relationship" is. Well in my opinion it is as follows:
1. You spend a lot of your free time with each other.
2. Go to dinner, movies, dancing, and other activities together.
3. Sometimes you flirt or in some cases even have a NCMO (non committal make out)

Pretty much you do everything that you would in a relationship just without a commitment of going anywhere.
Why on earth do we do this to each other?
Is it healthy? Is it normal?
I submit to you that it is not any of the above. However, I have a theory as to why we create or get involved in these types of relationships.

Yes I said it. We look for the easiest possible relationship. In this "practice" we don't have to commit to anyone. It is easy to just call them up if we don't have any plans. There is no real time or effort put into the person. Even though I am sure that they know each other very well. They have most likely shared family, relationship, and work issues with one another. There is no topic they don't discuss. Except the one that neither wants to admit.

That they are using each other. It will eventually become unhealthy because at one point or another one will like the other more than just friends. You can't spend so much time with someone and not become attached. It is impossible.

So for all those in a "practice relationship" jump ship. The person you are spending time with is not a bad person but trust me you will want something more eventually.

Take the plunge even if you have to be alone for awhile, it will be worth it. Go find the one that is the real deal.