Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Hello to all. So it is the eve of my 30th Birthday and I have spent most of the day rummaging through memories. Man life has been one crazy ride after another. But I wouldn't change it. Don't get me wrong there are parts I wish to delete or skip past but the end of the story is still untold and I am excited to see how it turns out.
I am truly blessed and many of you know the reasons and how. I can not express enough love, thanks, and appreciation to my family, friends, and Savior for helping me along this journey. Especially to my parents who despite my best efforts at stubbornness and even stupidity have stuck in there with me. They are truly an inspiration and my heroes. Both of them.
As this next chapter of life begins I look forward to the road ahead. I can not dwell on the past anymore life is in front of me. So if you see me looking back turn my head around and tell me to get a move on. There are things yet to be done and to come.
Love you all,
Carla Breann