Friday, April 25, 2008

Bob we love you :)

So there have been questions raised as to who Bob is. Bob Harper is one of the trainers from NBC's Biggest Loser. He is awesome. My roommates and I went to his book signing here in Tempe. He gave a short lecture and then there was a Q&A session. He

was so down to earth and was very friendly and upbeat. During the book signing part he took a few extra moments with us girls so we could all get a single picture and then a group picture with him. His book is wonderful. Really I don't think I can say enough about him. HE IS FABULOUS!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Blog

OK so after many family members as well as roommates heavily suggesting that I start a blog. So here goes. Not that I have much to say right now but if any of you know me you know I usually have something to say. ;) What is going on right now my world is just busy as a bee. This week I have the Cystic Fibrosis Walk coming up. I am excited but glad that it almost over. It is a lot of responsibility and work. I am also finishing up my psychology class. Which is great because I need a little more time for my other classes.
Alright before I close this first post I have to give my shout outs to my peeps.
To my sisters I love you all and miss you. :( You all have gorgeous children with great personalities and spirits.
To my parents, I can't wait to see you in a few days.
To my roomies, YEAH I finally have a blog and oh yes I will have a picture of Bob up soon. ;)
To my friends in the world. Love you all and be the best you can.