Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time is Gone

Where does the time go? I have not updated my blog in awhile and I know that there has been much that has changed. Well not really....I am still single, I still work, and I still go to school. So really life is the same as it has always been. However, it has all been a new experience in UT. Still not sure how I feel about UT. It is cold and wet; but the mountains are gorgeous and I am slowly but surely making a life for myself here.
As for updates I went to San Francisco with 2 of my dearest friends for my 30th birthday. And as luck would have it I have a ton of pictures. So here are just a few.
Amber, Me, & Heather enjoying the sites of San Fran
I am terrified of being out on open water.
Amber and I
My Birthday Cake (Alethia gave me the idea for it.)

I am too cute for jail. :)


Adam and Emily said...

I like your pictures... I love San much to do!

Lindsay Skinner said...

Looks like you had fun! Wish I could have come!