Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Working Hard or Hardly Working

WOW where does time go??? I am just in awe at how quickly things are going. Life is going good. Just plugging along. There has been some confusion as to what I am doing now that my ward is being rearranged and dispersed. Family ward looks like a great option but at the same time the single ward is a great social network. So I am taking votes. Not sure how to put a ticker on my blog but I will figure it out and you all can vote or just leave a comment.

I recently applied for a scholarship and my co-worker was kind enough to put a collage together for me to turn in. So I have attached her fabulous work on this post because it is representitive of my life. Hopefully I will hear back from them by the beginning of August. Cross fingers :)
I will soon also be posting some things that are going on in the world that I feel are important to look into and be educated in. I know this may not seem important but I am finding that the world is ever changing and I want to know more and you lucky bloggers will get to experience the wonderful world of Breann's mind. LOL
As always much love to you all and take care of yourselves and others.