Monday, April 20, 2009

Season of change :)

Yes it is a new haircut and I am loving it. No tears where shed but there was a fear of cutting it so short. But alas Heidi knows what she is doing.
Ah the sweet relaxation of no job and full-time school. Ok so it is not really relaxing and if any of you know me I am not much for relaxing. However, I did take a trip to Utah and visited my fabulous friend Leslie and her family. Have to admit they are one of my favorite families that I am not immediately related to.

As school goes I have just started my last set of classes to finish my associates. YEAH 10 years in the making but I did finally decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I want to work in public service whether it is in non-profit or in humanitarian projects. But alas first things first I must finish school. It is different not working and really not having much of a schedule but I am getting used to it and am grateful to get the better grades.

Life is full of decisions and as time passes there seem to be more and more decisions. I as usual am in process of making decisions and am ready to plant my feet firmly in the ground and set in some roots. Even if it is by myself. It is time that I make those changes in my life that will help me create a home for myself. So it is with things of change walking into the dark to find the light at the end. :)