Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iowa & Nauvoo Trip

Sorry it has been so long in my posting. Been running around the US trying to catch some sites of the beautiful country side.
Had the oppurtunity to go to Iowa to visit my sister Crystal and her family. It was so much fun and a big relaxing week for me. It was GREAT!!! We went to Nauvoo which is their temple and got to meet up with my mom and her YW there. It was a blast. However I did realize that teenagers are just not the way they used to be. Of course I was a practically perfect teenager. LOL ;)
Here are some of the pics from the travels.
Yes I am standing in front of a cornfield. They are pretty much everywhere there and I thought it was funny. The walk over to the cornfield was the funniest part. Almost got swallowed up by grass.
On our way back from Carthage/Nauvoo on the Iowa side of the river there was this riverboat. I have never seen one before and thought it was cool. It is a casino boat that goes up and down the river but since the floods has been out of commission.
My mom and I playing stick pull. Needless to say I did not win. Totally underestimated my mom and her muscles. (Love you MOM)
Me in front of the Nauvoo temple. Not the best picture but it is a really tall temple. It was great to be able to do a session there. Just the history and sitting there was so peaceful and humbling.