Monday, December 8, 2008


Life has been rushing by me so quickly I can't even remember the small things right now. So perhaps if I put them in writing my thoughts may come to me more clearly.
First - I realized today that I have fabulous support and love in my world. I am reminded daily of the great friends and family I have. My friend Sarah D. for instance... even though she is going through a rough time and dealing with work, family, pregnancy etc she still takes the time to talk to me. Or one of the sweetest things was on my birthday she posted on her blog a blurb about me. It was so sweet and of course I cried because I just do that. It has been just the simple things lately that I cherish.
Second - School and work are kicking my tail. Don't get me wrong I choose this and I am not complaining because things are actually going really well with both. However, I feel stupid for not applying myself earlier and just doing it all. I am older and wiser but that doesn't mean it is easier. I did however make the Dean's list and just finished up one of my economics classes with an A. I forgot how much I love to learn.
Third - I have been faced with some reality checks of my single life. It is difficult at times to do this on my own. Not going to lie it is mainly when I am sick and want someone to take care of me if only to bring me a bowl of soup. However, I wouldn't change the direction I have gone. I feel a stronger person for it. Someday I would like to be married and have a family but it is not up to me the timetable. All I can do is prepare myself and be the best version of me.
Fourth and Final - Jesus Christ is my Savior. He is my comforter and friend. My testimony has been growing in the smallest ways but I know now of his love and care for me. There is so much that comes from following his teachings and doing as he asks. It is hard at times but if it were not hard I don't think I would learn.
I love you all and wish you the happiest of times in life right now.
Breann aka Nana, Breezy, & Short Stuff